Quick Service and Loyal Customers

For small to medium retailers to outsmart the large chains, often require highly differentiated tactics. Particularly if you are a small service retailer like a restaurant, beauty saloon, automobile servicing etc. The winner is the one who can think out-of-the box to provide a superlative customer experience.

Flowian was introduced to a client who was in the automotive quick service business. Customers walk-in directly or through appointment for a fix to minor problems. A front desk does the registration, a service engineer creates the work order, a technician analyses the problem, a store desk issues the spare parts, and finally a billing desk creates the bill. The entire process was paper based with a manual hand-off from one department to another. All this while the customer is impatiently waiting in the customer lounge.

The initial customer mandate was to build a transactional workflow solution to automate the process. Flowian’s retail experts and the client’s business champions decided to take an outside-in approach. The mandate now was to transform the customer experience, while having a seamless workflow.

The foundational aspects of the transaction flow from customer registration to billing was built through an agile process. Incremental workflow units(process+data fields+business rules+UI) were rapidly developed using a cloud workflow platform. End users could experience the process during the development stage. This resulted in an integrated, comprehensive solution, accommodating exceptions and suggestions, and most importantly-built for the end user.

Flowian’s magical touch was in ideating and developing the customer experience differentiators. A progress bar status of the service, updated real time, is displayed on a television screen in the customer lounge. At the end of the service, the customer gets an SMS mentioning the completion of the service along, with a draft invoice on his/her email. After 3 days of the service, the workflow triggers a service feedback email to close the loop.

The results were exhilarating. The customer could enjoy the coffee while getting real time service updates. The speed and accuracy of the billing processes ensured lesser disputes. Our client gained loyal, happy customers.




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